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   Hi there! I wanted to start off by telling you a little about me and my simple little world.  I have a beautiful, sophisticated 12 year daughter who, can spell way better than me. I just married in July to the most handsome man in the universe. I am seriously so in love with him that I feel like a little girl with a crush. Those two are the most important parts of my life. When I am not behind my camera or editing, I am most likely snuggled up on the couch with a glass of wine watching any show, or movie, that has actors with British accents. I can't get enough of British accents. I practice it whenever I have a chance and think I am really good at it. Most of my friends think otherwise, but they are clueless. Anyway, I also share my love with my sweet American Bulldog, Carver, and my mean lil kitty, Fitch. No seriously, he is mean. I also love to make others laugh and always have something witty to say. What can I say? I love people, nice people. I hate traffic and mushrooms. Especially together. Mushroom traffic is the worst. :)

   So I am sure you want to know why and how I fit photography into my life. Well, to get right to it, pictures are all about the memories and the moments. I know, I know. You hear it all the time. Well it is the truth. At a young age, I had many loved ones pass away around me, including my dad. I realized that, after he passed, i didn't have many pictures of him and I. This is what ignited my passion. I became obsessed with pictures and cameras. I just couldn't get enough of taking pictures. My first camera was a 110 film camera. (Now, If you don't know what that is, please Google it and be ready to laugh.) . I used my little 110 in elementary school and middle school. Then in high school I upgraded to this super amazing manual Pentax K1000! If I hadn't been so busy playing soccer or captaining the Flag team, I would have been using my photography skills as president of the yearbook committee. However, I did manage to squeeze in a photography class as a Senior at Fletcher High and  I will NEVER forget the moment I saw that first picture develop in the darkroom, ever. That sealed it, photography was for me! I even wrote it in my Sr. memory book. Every picture was a memory that I just had to capture. I knew it and my friends knew it. But I am sure some of them hate me for it today, haha.

   After high school, I saved up my pennies from my cashier job, at Winn Dixie, and purchased my own darkroom equipment. Then, when I turned 18, I was promoted to Photo Lab Technician. I was obsessed with pictures! This is the time way back before digital. My favorite part was seeing the film negatives turn into pictures. That loved going to work each day. Not to mention, getting to develop all my pictures too. 

   I shot with my film camera for about 10 years. In 2010 I took the leap into the digital world and purchased my first "baby", the Nikon 3000. After that purchase, I really got motivated. I took pictures of everything, I mean, everything! No more film! That camera scared me, a little bit, I won't lie. It was way more advanced than my trusty manual camera, but it was time to move on. ( Read here about my detailed start) This is where the journey of Heatherley Bloom Photography started. I did not go to college for photography, I only took a few classes. Although I would and still would love to major in it. I am self taught by many years of tears, anxiety, joy and mostly smiles. I became obsessed with YouTube. I watched every free photography video I could get my hands on. I have studied countless photography books and spent plenty of days and nights practicing to the point my daughter no longer lets me take her picture. (Oh but you should see her selfies, amazing!) Just to think, 5 years ago I started with one camera and lens and today I own 3 Nikon camera bodies and 8 different lenses.

  So now you have it! You officially know all about me and why I am so passionate about photography. It is like we are best friends now! Oh, I am sure you have caught on that I can be a bit silly at times. Well, you have to be. With all that goes on in our lives, we have to smile and laugh as much as we possibly can. Now going back to the main reason I love taking pictures.....the memories and the moments. I want to capture the memory that makes you feel the emotions, every time you look back at your pictures. Knowing that a picture of your baby is displayed on a canvas, or that a family picture is on your desk, makes my heart happy. I know that you will treasure those pictures for years and years, passing them down from generation to generation. Sharing my art with you doesn't feel like work, It feels like a dream. A dream I had since I was a little child.

   Thank you for taking the time to read more about me. I can't wait to learn more about you, your family or your business. If it is for a wedding, family, newborn, maternity, engagement, head shot or real estate session, I thank you for choosing me. I am the most comfortable with a camera in my hand, and that just means you are in the best hands. Heatherley Doan

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